The First National Conference for Geosciences and Environment

Today morning in 23/10/2019, the president of the university center Prof. Abdelghani Choucha gave the opening statement for the first national conference for geosciences and environment. The conference was organized by the Institute of Sciences and Technology, department of Geology. The activities of the conference will be held for two whole days,where the contribution of geologists has become more than necessary since they have various branches, not to mention their full control in the field of geosciences and environment, the fact which helps make the most effective decisions because what is known as the sustainable development relies in the first place on the earth, cities and societies development. All this will be able to be achieved through a futuristic vision to both the present and the future. Moreover, the success of this operation is based upon the correct understanding and the wise treatment with what is considered to be the essential pillar; and that is our earth. The organizers of the conference aim at achieving the following objectives:

  • Highlighting the importance of the local region of Tamanrasset, especially in terms of its mineral resources which are considered to be an open geological museum.
  • Enabling the researchers to exhibit their researches in the field of the geosciences and environment, particularly the recent ones.
  • Providing the participants with an atmosphere which can enable them to exchange expertise.
  • Finding new associates to deal with in the future.

Finally, right next where the conference was held, an exhibitionof precious gems was held by the school of precious gems sculpture and jewelry making in Tamanrasset.

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