Agreement of Framework & Cooperation

In coordination with the Entrepreneurial House at the University of Tamanrasset, the chairman of the Algerian National Institute of Intellectual & Industrial Protection has given a lecture on the role entrusted to the institute and its importance as well as the mechanisms of protecting the individual and institutional outputs and their acquisition of patents. The event was finished with an agreement of framework and cooperation between the University of Tamanrasset, represented by the director of the University of Tamanrasset Professor Choucha Abdelghani and the Algerian National Institute of Intellectual & Industrial Protection; represented by its CEO Mr. Belmahdi Abdelhafid. The agreement was further attended by the chairman of the External Office of the World Intellectual Property Mr. Mohamed Al-Salik Ahmad Othman.

According to this agreement, an Intellectual & Industrial Protection Center will be established at the University of Tamanrasset.


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