Virtual national colloquy on : novel economic crimes in Algerian legislation between the specificity of the crime and the means of commission

world countries  are facing a set of challenges, the most important of which are; The novel economic crimes because of the danger they pose to the national economy, which is reflected on the political and social levels. Economic and financial crimes, in general, represent a real threat to the economies of countries, given that they drain public funds, and lead to an economic, social and political imbalance within the country.

There is no doubt that traditional economic crimes – however hazardous to the national economy – are less severe than the new ones, and this is a result of several reasons, the most important of which are; that these crimes are committed by modern means, methods and techniques that are difficult to deal with. All these facts have led Algerian legislators – and like the most modern international legislation – to seek to fight this type of crimes by enacting many laws aimed at addressing these new crimes, as well as developing appropriate procedural mechanisms and methods to confront them. (The need for a specialized economic court (the penal poles…).

Problematic of the national colloquy

How effective are the laws enacted by Algerian legislators and how effective are the special procedures relating to novel economic crimes given the rapid economic and social changes?



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