Vice Rectorate of Postgraduate Research and Foreign Relations


Through the Vice Rectorate of Postgraduate Research and Foreign Relations, the university center aspires to upgrade the scientific research, by providing the right conditions as well as all the tools and capacities to ensure a higher quality of scientific research, innovation service, as well as economic, social and cultural development.

We invite you through the pages of the website of the university center, to discover the various departments of the Vice Rectorate and gain the information that you might be needing. Moreover, we invite you to enriching it by sending your valuable feedbacks and suggestions to the following officiale-mail of the Vice Rectorate:

Tasks of the Vice Rectorate of Postgraduate Research and Foreign Relations

The Vice Rectorate is responsible for:

  1. Keeping a closer eye on the issues related to the good running of the post-graduation as well as specialized post-graduation training, university habilitation and ensuring the good application of the utilized system in this field.
  2. Checking the research activities of the research units and laboratories, and setting the outcome by coordinating with the various institutes.
  3. Undertaking each activity which aims at assessing as well as appreciating the research findings.
  4. Ensuring the good running of the scientific council of the university center and protecting its archive.
  5. Collecting and publishing the information related to the research activities produced by the university center.

Organizational Chart

The Vice Rectorate is supervised by Mr. Bel-Akhdar; who is the assistant director of post-graduation, scientific research and foreign relations. It is composed of the following departments:

  1. The Department of Post-graduation Training Assessment
    It is responsible for: providing the proper training in PhD together with overseas training.
  2. The Department of Cooperation, Foreign Relations and the Scientific Council Secretariat
    It is responsible for: The Scientific Council Secretariat/ arranging agreements and deals.
  3. The Department of Research Activities and Scientific Results Assessment
    Research Projects/ Research laboratories/ Findings and Results of the Scientific Activities.