Speech of the Director of the University Center

It has become a given in our modern life that the importance of technological communication via the Internet is of great importance, in terms of communicating information, searching for it and discussing it.
In this regard, and at the University of Tamanrasset, we believe in the effectiveness of communication between academic and governmental institutions in all sectors of society and its active members, and the provision of a huge amount of data, services, and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and skills that develop mutual cooperation, and open the university to the community to engage in national as well as international social and cultural effectiveness. We felt that this website of our center should be on the web to identify it, and to indicate the most important administrative structures, and pedagogical gains, and scientific together with research achievements carried out by professors, researchers and students, whether in research laboratories or through forums and study days.
With this website, we seek to remove the blur between the administration, professors and students, so that communication between these three poles of the university is dynamic and effective to upgrade our center and take it to the highest levels of national as well as international universities.
We surely pray that this site will be a scientific and informationel beacon in a world of Internet which professors, students and staff will refer to in their scientific and administrative research. In order to achieve this, we have dedicated sites to check all the developments in the Center, and university office gains, stating how to communicate with various authorities, colleges and departments, providing inquiries, getting the information accurately and easily.
Finally, we hope that this site will add a true value that reflects the development of our university center, hoping to make it another building block in the whole structure, all of which aim at demonstrating the bright face of the Algerian University and its development to regain its proper place in the scientific and cultural advancing global leadership.

                                                                                                                                                    PROFESSOR . CHOUCHA ABDELGHANI